NorthShore Insurance of Chattanooga Spotlight

NorthShore Insurance Spotlight

Ok guys, this is big! So, you know how if you’re not on top of your insurance premiums they tend to sneak higher and higher? Here’s the answer for you!!

Meet Vickie Champion and Zach White. They are local to Chattanooga and are independent agents at NorthShore Insurance. What they offer is amazing!

As an independent agent, you are working with several insurance companies instead of being tied to a single provider, which is more common. Independently, you can offer many types of policies through many companies. I know, I know… let’s wrap our heads around this. They handle all the insurance policies! Yall, this is such a big deal for me because it’s a huge time saver. I can call one person and ask about my auto policy, home owners policy, business… Whatever!

Not only would I be talking to one person for all my policies, but they check my policy annually and compare premiums to make sure I have the best deal every year. No sneaking up!! NorthShore Insurance wants to keep you happy, up to date and the best premium, year after year. SOLD!!

They offer free consultations. Call (423)643-9330 NorthShore Insurance